Writing Samples

Once upon a time, many moons ago, before the internet became a thing, I got my degree in journalism an envisioned myself either writing for Rolling Stone, or working for MTV news; basically, I wanted to be the next Kurt Loder.

I graduated, went on job interview after job interview, took edit test after edit test, and landed, well, at my third internship, which actually was at Rolling Stone!

By this time, blogs were popping up everywhere, everyone was a writer, and said farewell to Rolling Stone and embarked on my journey in digital marketing, figuring, I can always freelance, and/or blog.

So I did, and I am, and want to share some samples from my blogging and interning days. If these strike your fancy, feel free to get in touch with me; I’m always up for a good write!

Six Things You Don’t Know About Preemies Until You Have One – Babble

Six Reasons It’s Time for Some “Me Time” – Red Tricycle

My Gestational Diabetes Ignorance – Red Tricycle

Seven Things That Make Me Feel Good on a Bad Day – Red Tricycle

My Husband and I Haven’t Been Alone Since Our Daughter Was Born and it’s OK – Red Tricycle

Local Artists Come Full Circle – Malverne/West Hempstead Herald

So You Wanna Start A Business? – Floor Covering Weekly Magazine



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