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12th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest

Cheap Chic Weddings and Charmin teamed up again for the twelfth annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, which launched this past Monday, and runs through May 15th!

Remember that time you won the toilet paper wedding gown contest and cousin Jen’s bridal shower? These dresses are nothing like that!

Think you’ve got the chops? Here’s how to enter:

First: Plan your design.

Second: Grab some Charmin Toilet Paper (Ultra Strong, Ultra Soft or Basic), tape, glue and/or needle and thread (that’s all you can use)! To help offset the cost of designing these memorable creations; Charmin is providing coupons by request at TPDresscontest@gmail.com

Third: Make the dress and headpiece on your model or mannequin and take some clear, unaltered digital photos (front, back and side). The dress must be able to be worn by a human!

For the first time ever, the finale event will be broadcast live across multiple online channels. Top ten entries will be chosen then online voting will be open to the public.

The top ten dresses and their designers will be flown to New York City to participate in a live fashion show finale event on Haven Rooftop at the Sanctuary Hotel in New York City on June 16, 2016 where the top three winners will be chosen.

At the Finale Event, the dress entries will be judged by members of Cheap Chic Weddings, Charmin, Edward Meyer of Ripley’s Believe it or Not, The Sanctuary’s Hank Freid, and celebrity guest judge Mikie Russo, event planner to the stars and member of the OK! TV Entertaining Team.

Good luck!








Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Photos

This past weekend, a Maryland couple’s engagement photos went viral because they had an adorable e-sesh in the middle of Winter Storm Jonas. First glance at this story you might think that the couple had this date set and just decided to move forward with the shoot anyway. Nope! The couple knew that they wanted their photos in a snowstorm, and luckily their photographer was on board:

Photos by Dotun Ayodeji

Engagement photos allow for couples to show who they really are – let their personality shine through. It’s not only fun and allows for you and your fiance to have non-wedding professional photos, but according to The Knot, it’s important to also get a feel of your wedding day photographer and get a sneak peek of the work that’s yet to come.

The Knot also advises couples to pick out a location of value – like a first date spot, park, college campus – it will not only make for a great keepsake, but will put you more at ease in a familiar environment.

My husband and I met in undergrad at SUNY Purchase – a small state school in Westchester, New York, about an hour north of NYC. It was a no-brainer for us to go back to “the scene of the crime,” so to speak, and have our photos taken there. We went all over the campus, but our favorite was the school gym where we both spent plenty of time – him as a basketball player, and myself on the dance team (yes, I danced at his basketball games). To me, these images not only represent our engagement, but bring back so many fond memories of when we first met.


Here’s a round up of other fun engagement shoots to inspire you for yours!









Wedding Wednesday: Your Wedding Day Soundtrack

We’re smack in the middle of engagement season, and for many of you bride (or groom)-to-bes, wedding planning is in full force! Sure, you’ve probably thought about venue, flowers, and the dress, but something that often goes over-looked is your wedding day music. Of course, DJs are hired to play music as directed for ceremony, entrances, first dances, etc, but there’s so much more you can do.   Wedding Paper Divas has your go-to guide for your music needs, everything from the processional, to the bouquet toss, and cake cutting, from all genres of music from the past hundred years!



To be honest, I’m a huge fan of the traditional “here comes the bride,” but not everyone is. Check out this extensive list of processional options for you and your family to scour.



I never even gave this portion of the wedding a thought when it came to music, but it’s definitely a great opportunity to play an upbeat, celebratory song!

Entrance Songs


You just sealed the deal and are walking into the biggest party of your life celebrating YOU. Make sure you represent yourselves accurately!

First Dance


OK – this one’s a biggie! This is the song you’ll take with you for the rest of your life, and every time you and your SO hear it, it will take you back to your wedding day. Girls and guys have very different thoughts on what their first dance should be. My husband was in no way dancing to Debbie Gibson’s Lost in Your Eyes, which I still regret not fighting for more. We ended up with his choice of Aerosmith’s I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing, which was not ever a favorite song of mine, but now whenever I hear it I melt.

Father-Daughter Dance


This is another hard one – you have your picks, and dad has his…from way back in the day! Luckily, my dad trained me well and the options I gave him included the Beatles and Elton John. I was really pushing for Tiny Dancer, but he went for In My Life.



Guys, there’s more to mother-son dances than Bette Midler’s The Wind Beneath My Wings. Wedding Paper Divas has you covered!



I didn’t even know this was a thing! I can’t even tell you what song was playing when we cut ours. Check out some fun options!

Bouquet Toss


Who knew there was more to the bouquet toss than just Beyonce’s Single Ladies? Here’s how you can make it more original!



Here’s the fun one – making sure all your favorite songs get played and all the ones you hate, don’t! For me, I wanted nothing to do with the Macarena and any other “line-dancing” type songs that require props. I already had a Bat Mitzvah – no need to go through that again at my wedding!



Mikaella’s Spring 2016 Collection

Attention future brides: You may have only just gotten engaged days ago, but it’s never too early to start thinking about your bridal gown! Mikaella’s Spring 2016 collection has a lot to offer with lace details and form-fitting silhouettes, that are sure to take everyone’s breath away as you walk down the aisle.

Style 2050:

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 1.34.43 PM

Style 5053:

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 1.34.58 PM

Style 5054:

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 1.35.07 PM

Engagement Rings Through The Years

With engagement season upon us, it’s time to take a stroll down memory lane and dig in to the origins of the engagement ring and trends throughout the years.

It has been documented that engagement rings date back to ancient Egyptians as they have been found buried with metal wire around the third finger of their left hands, the same finger we wear wedding bands on in present day.  The diamond engagement ring dates back to the Middle Ages when Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy a gold ring with the letter M spelled out in small diamonds, though it is believed that an advertising campaign for jewelry De Beers from the 1940s is what really thrust diamond engagement rings into popularity with the slogan, “A diamond is forever,” a phrase that is well-known and still used to this day.

Now more than ever, we are seeing less traditional diamond rings and more gem stones taking front and center. Let’s take a look at how we got here.


Unlike what we think is a traditional engagement ring, 1930s rings boasted an art deco feel with not just diamonds but gemstones.


This decade saw the rise in big and bold rings, with intricate details that included ribbons, bows, and flowers.


Stacked engagement and wedding rings were all the rage this decade, which is likely due Audrey Hepburn’s trend-setting ring.  This trend is something we are still seeing today!


Celebrities set off the “bigger is better” trend, with record breaking carat sizes. Just check out Elizabeth Taylor’s 33-carat engagement ring from Richard Burton:

elizabeth taylor engagement ring from richard burton


The new popular cut was the princess cut – something I view as traditional, though at the time was viewed as a cut that strayed away from engagement rings past.



Two words: Princess Diana. Her iconic sapphire had girls ogling knock-offs!

princess diana ring

1990s – Present

We have been seeing a mix of decades past most recently, but it’s important to mention the rise of the halo ring these past few years.

Personally, I think you can never go wrong with a classic solitaire. What’s your favorite?

Flower Friday | Cascading Bouquets

If I could get married all over again, there’s not much I would change. But as of late, I’m regretting my lack of a cascading bouquet! In my opinion, it’s traditional and classic, and clearly overlooked. Based on what I’m seeing more and more, over-sized and cascading bouquets may be making a comeback, and I am So. On. Board.

Here are some visions for you to drool over. Of course the ones I like the most are white/pink/muted in color, because that’s my favorite!

pink and white orchid cascade bouquet

huge pink white and green cascading bouquet


pink cascade bouquet

Product Review: Anjolee Milgrain Diamond Eternity Band

Longer ago than I’d like to admit, I was given the opportunity to review product from jewelry brand, Anjolee. I was given the option to chose the piece and knew immediately I wanted the Milgrain Diamond Eternity Band, because I’ve been dropping hints for another band probably since my one year wedding anniversary.

The band was bigger than I anticipated, but that may also be because I’m used to my thin pave ring. The detail of the ring is very minor, and dainty, with little indentations surrounding each diamond, which gives it just enough pizazz to bring to your hand. 

Since it’s an eternity band, you can wear it many ways: alone, with your engagement ring, or all three together! Check out what it looks like on and let me know what your favorite style is!