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‘Boy Meets Skinnygirl Cocktails’ Valentine’s Launch Party

Last night I somehow weaseled my way into a Skinnygirl event. I’m a huge Bethenny Frankel and Real Housewives fan, so I was excited to see what it was all about. In all honesty, I didn’t think Bethenny was going to be there, and if she was, I thought she’d be around for 10 minutes, give a speech, then leave. To say that I was wrong is an understatement. Bethenny was there, as was the entire cast of the Real Housewives of New York, and Jax from Vanderpump Rules!

I was in reality TV heaven last night at the event that launched new Skinnygirl products, taking pictures of LuAnn, Sonja, Bethenny, Heather, and Kristen dancing in the middle of the room to some epic late ’90s/early ’00s hip hop. I not only snagged selfies with Jax and Heather, but got a Skinnygirl Naked Cosmo recipe card, a Skinnygirl wine topper, and an epic video of sexy Sonja working it with this guy:

sonja morgan dancing










Here are some more action shots of the ladies, a horrible angle of myself with Jax, and the souvenir from Bethenny:

Bethenny Frankel
Heather Thomson Real Housewives Dancing IMG_20150210_223431












Morning, Laurie.


Farewell Summer

It’s Labor Day, the unofficial end to the summer, the best, most fun, carefree time of the year. Can you tell it’s my favorite season? Though this summer was particularly tough, I’m still sad to see it go. I’d rather not dwell on the negative, so I want to put out in the universe the good times I’m grateful I had this summer.

I kicked it off with an epic trip to Puerto Rico for my best friend’s bachelorette party


That next weekend I ran my first 10k, something I never, ever thought I could ever accomplish


I served as Matron of Honor in my best friend’s wedding


Celebrated the summer solstice in Times Square doing yoga


Did some more outdoor yoga in Socrates Sculpture Garden


Took a spur of the moment road trip to Cleveland with my husband


Kept up our yearly tradition with my dad and Steve and went to the Mets/Dodgers game


Took yet another work-trip to Los Angeles, this time to attend the Sundance Next Festival, and took a detour to SUR where I got up close and personal with Ken, Giggy, and Lisa


I made new friends, hung out with old friends, and looked on as many loved ones expanded their families. Guess it was pretty magical after all. Next stop: Punta Cana!

Vanderpump Rules’ Scheana Marie’s Wedding Pictures

Another day, another wedding reveal! In today’s edition, Vanderpump Rules star, Scheana Marie, who married Mike Shay over the weekend. Hope she doesn’t take his last name!

Scheana opted for a non-traditional two-piece wedding gown, which sounds worse than it really is. It is soft, feminine, with beautiful beading on the top piece, and lace on the bottom piece, which leads to a gorgeous train.

I love a bride that thinks outside the box and makes a bold fashion choice. It is your wedding day, the most photographed day of your life, and it should be fashionable! In my opinion, being a bit daring, but still remaining true to your personal style is a great way to go. Congrats to the newlyweds!




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Vanderpump Rules Season 2 Fashion Round Up: Scheana Edition

With part one of the Vanderpump Rules reunion behind us, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane of Scheana’s fashion choices from the season.

Personally, I think Scheana is a very pretty girl and can get away with wearing anything, and it seems as though she gravitates towards 80s fashion, which I’m not really a fan of. She really likes her body suits and neons!


Remember her white body suit from her gay pride performance on the SUR float?


Here she is performing at her engagement party in her gold booty shorts. I guess booty shorts transcend decades, but I thought the gold was over the top, but then again she was singing a song called, “Good as Gold,” so I can’t really hate!


Here she is with her now fiancé Shay in matching hot pink ensembles while away in Cabo with the SUR crew.


Again with the neon in Cabo!

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Vanderpump Rules Season Two Fashion Round Up – Stassi Edition

With the not-so-shocking season finale of Vanderpump Rules behind us (come on guys, we knew this was coming…We all saw Stassi giving Jax shoulder on that episode of Watch What Happens Live), I’ve decided to recap the fashion of this season, per girl, for the next few weeks, since it’s just so hard for me to say goodbye to the show. First up, my spirit animal, Stassi.

Stassi’s got some pretty good style going on, but to be honest, I really like her casual duds the best. Though it’s not often she’s not dressed to the nines, or in those tacky SUR uniforms, her casual style shone through:



Screen shot 2014-02-04 at 11.25.04 AM

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