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Let’s Get HappiSnappi!

One of the many fun parts of being a mommy to a little girl is dressing her up!  In addition to the frills and tutus, there are headbands. Mommies, you know what I’m talking about – the headbands with the big flowers. There’s a part of me that finds them a little obnoxious, and then there’s a part of me that loves them!  A brand that allows for you to flex your creative muscles, and keep the obnoxious to a minimum is HappiSnappi!

With a simple snap, young girls can choose from a wide variety of snap-on/off floral embellishments that easily attach to the brand’s headbands, knit hats, necklaces, hair clips, and more. Every item has the same snaps, so you can mix and match embellishments with every piece, making the fashion possibilities endless.



The brand isn’t just mix and match – it gives back! The company, created by child therapist Karlee Ohm and her nine-year-old daughter Peyton, donates one hat to a children’s hospital for every hat purchased. Additionally, the mommy/daughter duo teamed up with Sadie Keller, a brave and courageous 9-year-old who is fighting leukemia. In an effort to find a cure by bringing attention to the issue and donating proceeds to her cause, HappiSnappi will donate 50% of online sales to the Sadie Keller Foundation for the remainder of the year.

With the holidays just around the corner, this is a great gift for that special little girl in your life, with the added bonus of having proceeds go to charity. Prices range from $3.50 to $22.50.


Holiday Gift Guide: Mets Fan Edition!

It was a good year to be a Queens gal, let me tell ya! Granted the Mets didn’t win The World Series, but the fact they made it that far is a huge win in and of itself, and my boro was bursting with pride!

Mets fans are die-hards, and we’re all hoping for them to bring home the title in 2016. Here’s a list of some swag to buy the Mets fan in your life!



You can never go wrong with a standard cap! This one is just $25 from Lids.

Off the Shoulder Sweatshirt

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 5.52.47 PM

If you know anyone like me: someone who gets old in the summer, this type of sweatshirt is a perfect gift! It’s comfy, trendy, and keeps you warm, but not over-heated.  It’s available at the MLB shop for $50.

Desk Calendar

Have that one fan in your life that literally counts down until the season opener? Help the fan out buy purchasing this daily desk calendar that also includes trivia! Buy it on Calendars.com for $16.

Beach Towel

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.22.56 PM

Summer is prime time to show your pride!  Get that beach bum in your life this towel, available at Amazon for $23!

Infant Gear

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.25.58 PM

Let’s not forget about the littlest fan! Snatch up this itty-bitty jersey at BabyFans.com for $35.

TJ Maxx and the Rule of Three

Growing up in Long Island, I’ve frequented many a strip mall, but one in particular always stood out in my childhood as being an all-dayer, boring event. The one that housed TJ Maxx. Why you ask? Because my mom has a “TJ Maxx rule of three.” Meaning: we have circle the entire store THREE times to make sure we covered our based and found the perfect items.

As a kid, this was not only boring, but a recipe for disaster when coming to my mom and I getting along for the day. On top of getting on each other’s nerves, we would argue over what clothes I can get, should try on, or were just plain out of my mom’s taste, obviously, because I didn’t have my own money yet.

Recently, mom and I returned to our local TJ Maxx, and because I was under a time crunch to get back home, and mom was feeling generous, we had a quick time at TJs and still scored some great finds! Two pairs of flats, which I really need more than ever now that I’m training for my half marathon. A pair of Coach, and a pair of Michael Kors shoes:

coach shoesMichael Kors shoesI know, not only live up to my Long Island roots by strip-malling it, but bought the two most popular brands with Long Island girls. Though these are really more fall shoes, especially the MKs, they are both wardrobe staples that are sure to last! Good ol’ TJs!

Lord and Taylor is #Obsessed

Back on October 8th, I caught wind of Lord and Taylor’s #Obsessed initiative: Tweet a link to a product you like with #Obsessed, and see what happens. I was told the “see what happens” part would be that Lord and Taylor would send you the product, so naturally, I participated:

I chose these shoes because I need new black booties, and I figured they were reasonably priced and on sale, so I assumed they wanted to get rid of them and assumed sending them to me wouldn’t be too much off their backs. I debated including my shoe size in my tweet, but figured they can always ask for it when they get in touch.








Being the impatient human I am, I thought I would get a quick response, because that’s just the way things should work, right? Well, I got my DM on October 21st, which felt like an eternity, as any impatient person can agree with. The DM asked for my mailing address. I was floored! Wait, wait, wait! You guys, you didn’t ask for my shoe size! Ugh, it was too late.

Yesterday, I got home from a long day of Jury Duty (I was almost chosen, but somehow got excused at the last minute, whew!) and found a Lord and Taylor package waiting for me in the mail room! It clearly wasn’t shoes, but I felt around and thought perhaps it could be jewelry.

I have no shame in admitting that I tore right into it in my elevator. Even though I have no shame in admitting to it, I’m really happy no one was in the elevator with me to witness it!

As I dug into the oversized envelope, I was greeted with what looked to be a Lord and Taylor jewelry box, but once I opened it, all I found was a gift card. I thought, OK, that’s cool, free money. Twenty bucks. People were getting sent designer bags, and I was sent a $20 gift card. Oh, and stickers:

Lord and Taylor








The note says:

Thank you for sharing your obsession. Here’s a gift card to help cross off a must-have off your list. Enjoy ❤

I’m not gonna lie, folks, I was a little disappointed. What can I really buy from Lord and Taylor for $20? A sock? Lip gloss? They know what they’re doing: give a little bit of money, not enough where someone can buy something in full, but where the consumer has to add money. That’s good business, and if I were on the other side, I’d certainly be on board for that strategy, and I’m sure that at some point in my career, I’ve made that suggestion.

I put my realist hat on, and started poking around the website, and found some leggings that I really want, and would only have to add about $20 to the purchase.

mixed media pants





All in all, I can’t complain; beggars can’t be choosers!

SoulCycle’s Plan To Take Over The World

SoulCycle is taking a page out of Pinky and the Brain’s book and trying to take over the world!

What started as a thought between two NYC business ladies, Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler, to find a more fun way to work out that shows results, has not only moved out of the New York City region to 25 nation-wide locations (with plans to open 50-60 new studios in 2015!) but just launched its own clothing line exclusive to the mobile shopping app, Spring!

As any SoulCycler knows, you can walk into any of their studios and buy the most comfortable workout gear on the planet. I live in my off the shoulder sweatshirt from there!  The exclusive capsule collection is sure to provide riders with that same style, comfort, and hefty price tag. But guys, it’s like totes worth it!

Hi-Lo Skull Tee, $58

SoulCycle Hi-Lo Skull Tee













SOUL NYC Burnout Tank, $58

SoulCycle SOUL NYC Burnout Tank, $58













SOUL Burnout Shorts, $72

soulcycle SOUL Burnout Shorts, $72

Skull Heart Wheel Hacci Capri

soulcycle Skull Heart Wheel Hacci Capri













SOUL Metallic Muscle Tee, $58

SoulCycle SOUL Metallic Muscle Tee













SOUL Hacci Pullover

soulcycle SOUL Hacci Pullover












SOUL NYC Baseball Burnout

soulcycle SOUL NYC Baseball Burnout

Burnout Metallic Zip Hoodie

soulcycle Burnout Metallic Zip Hoodie


How NCLA Will Slowly Take All of my Money

Like any normal online shopaholic, I subscribe to Lucky Magazine’s, “Lucky Breaks,” where daily deals from online retailers are sent directly to my inbox on a daily basis. For the most part, I’m pretty good at resisting, unless there’s an amazing deal, something I need or my kryptonite, nail polish.

When an NCLA 50% off site-wide discount found its way into my inbox Wednesday morning, I clicked it fast and frantically. When I got to the site I clicked directly to the nail art wraps, you know the nail stickers with designs on them, which I adore but am too cheap to buy. I browsed around and noticed that the wraps that are normally $18 I would be able to get at half price, meaning, I would buy two sets for the price of one. But I didn’t. I closed out and went back to work.

As the day went on, I kept thinking about them, and finally I cracked. I was having a hellish day and decided the only thing to cheer me up at that point were nail wraps from NCLA that we’re half off. I ordered the “Pizzo” ($16) and, “Roomservice: Stilettos & Champaign” ($18), for a subtotal of $17!

It gets better, I ordered on Wednesday and my pretty pink package arrived on Saturday. Affordable, fashionable, and prompt! And persuasive. Not only did my package include my purchase, but a coupon for 15% off my next purchase. I’m in trouble!


NCLA Pizzo Nail Art Wraps

It’s From Jen Kao

That moment you realize you bought your entire winter wardrobe at the Jen Kao sample sale.

Back in November there was a sample sale in the building where I work. To be more specific, down the hall from my office. I had been to a previous sale, and picked up a blouse or two, so I knew I wanted to go back.

I went on the first day, and I picked out a few items, and ended up purchasing four pieces for $75: a sweater, two skirts and a blouse. Not bad for designer duds, right?

As the girl was ringing me up, I noticed one of the other staff members telling customers to take the magazines, and I also noticed vases and various office supplies were on sale, so I asked if they were moving, and turns out they were going out of business! She said, “the designer is taking a break.” I felt awful knowing these people were going to be unemployed, but my spirits were quickly lifted by the magazine pimp who told us to come back at the end of the week for even better sales.

I debated it. I was trying to be responsible, and with the holidays coming up, I knew it wasn’t smart.

Friday rolls around and I hear prices are slashed so much so that some pieces were even a dollar!

I went right after work, and bought another five pieces, I think, for $27! Two of the shirts were a dollar. I felt like I hit the sample sale jackpot! I may have even given myself a pat on the back.

Now at work whenever I get compliments on my clothes, my usual response is, “Thanks! It’s from Jen Kao!” My coworkers laugh, and joke I should be their spokesperson, then we remember they went out of business. But I still have that glimmer of hope that they’ll reopen someday.


Two of my Jen Kao finds!