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TJ Maxx and the Rule of Three

Growing up in Long Island, I’ve frequented many a strip mall, but one in particular always stood out in my childhood as being an all-dayer, boring event. The one that housed TJ Maxx. Why you ask? Because my mom has a “TJ Maxx rule of three.” Meaning: we have circle the entire store THREE times to make sure we covered our based and found the perfect items.

As a kid, this was not only boring, but a recipe for disaster when coming to my mom and I getting along for the day. On top of getting on each other’s nerves, we would argue over what clothes I can get, should try on, or were just plain out of my mom’s taste, obviously, because I didn’t have my own money yet.

Recently, mom and I returned to our local TJ Maxx, and because I was under a time crunch to get back home, and mom was feeling generous, we had a quick time at TJs and still scored some great finds! Two pairs of flats, which I really need more than ever now that I’m training for my half marathon. A pair of Coach, and a pair of Michael Kors shoes:

coach shoesMichael Kors shoesI know, not only live up to my Long Island roots by strip-malling it, but bought the two most popular brands with Long Island girls. Though these are really more fall shoes, especially the MKs, they are both wardrobe staples that are sure to last! Good ol’ TJs!


Lord and Taylor is #Obsessed

Back on October 8th, I caught wind of Lord and Taylor’s #Obsessed initiative: Tweet a link to a product you like with #Obsessed, and see what happens. I was told the “see what happens” part would be that Lord and Taylor would send you the product, so naturally, I participated:

I chose these shoes because I need new black booties, and I figured they were reasonably priced and on sale, so I assumed they wanted to get rid of them and assumed sending them to me wouldn’t be too much off their backs. I debated including my shoe size in my tweet, but figured they can always ask for it when they get in touch.








Being the impatient human I am, I thought I would get a quick response, because that’s just the way things should work, right? Well, I got my DM on October 21st, which felt like an eternity, as any impatient person can agree with. The DM asked for my mailing address. I was floored! Wait, wait, wait! You guys, you didn’t ask for my shoe size! Ugh, it was too late.

Yesterday, I got home from a long day of Jury Duty (I was almost chosen, but somehow got excused at the last minute, whew!) and found a Lord and Taylor package waiting for me in the mail room! It clearly wasn’t shoes, but I felt around and thought perhaps it could be jewelry.

I have no shame in admitting that I tore right into it in my elevator. Even though I have no shame in admitting to it, I’m really happy no one was in the elevator with me to witness it!

As I dug into the oversized envelope, I was greeted with what looked to be a Lord and Taylor jewelry box, but once I opened it, all I found was a gift card. I thought, OK, that’s cool, free money. Twenty bucks. People were getting sent designer bags, and I was sent a $20 gift card. Oh, and stickers:

Lord and Taylor








The note says:

Thank you for sharing your obsession. Here’s a gift card to help cross off a must-have off your list. Enjoy ❤

I’m not gonna lie, folks, I was a little disappointed. What can I really buy from Lord and Taylor for $20? A sock? Lip gloss? They know what they’re doing: give a little bit of money, not enough where someone can buy something in full, but where the consumer has to add money. That’s good business, and if I were on the other side, I’d certainly be on board for that strategy, and I’m sure that at some point in my career, I’ve made that suggestion.

I put my realist hat on, and started poking around the website, and found some leggings that I really want, and would only have to add about $20 to the purchase.

mixed media pants





All in all, I can’t complain; beggars can’t be choosers!

The 17 Stages of Buying New Heels

I’m convinced there’s a hidden device on high heel shoes that makes them so comfortable when you try them on in the store, but the second you put them on in real life they are the most painful things to ever touch your feet. With that thought I give you the 17 stages of buying high heels!

1) I’m not going to buy anything today, I’ll just browse:

wall of shoes

2) Ohhhh, these are cuuuuuute!

shoes kelly

3) I really shouldn’t be buying anything so I’m not going to try them on

4) Eh, what the hell?

5) Yep, they look great!

6) Oh man, AND they’re comfortable?!

7) Well, they’re only $50. I can handle that.

8) Right? I mean, I just got paid

9) And I work really hard. I deserve these!


10) little girl cash register

11) I’m gonna wear my new shoes today!

Rachel Zoe Closet

12) I feel so hot in these shoes!

13) Um, why is the material so uncomfortable? It didn’t feel like this when I tried them on.

14) I feel like my toes are going to fall off.




An Oldie But a Goodie!

I got new pants yesterday. My first pair of crazy design leggings from Free People. I was dreaming all night of how I would rock these today, “My over-the-knee black boots? Maybe my high brown boots? Or my olive booty wedges?”

Nothing was really striking my fancy. So I went about my morning not really thinking about it when I was getting dressed. Then, it hit me! My favorite Nine West black booties, that are comfortable none-the-less, that I bought probably circa 2008, and haven’t worn in a few years, but kept. I’ve worn the heels down on these to the metal too many times to count, and I refused to give them up and brought them in to get fixed more times than probably recommended.

When I took them off the shelf today, they were practically grey from all of the dust they’ve collected from just sitting there, but it was nothing a wet paper towel couldn’t fix!


The shoes, plus a peek at my new pants!

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The Great Debate: Brown and Black


This week I wore black leggings with my brown boots. I did this because my brown boots are higher than my black boots, and it’s been cold, but I had to think twice, or thrice about it before I actually left my apartment.

I’m a firm believer that when it’s too cold fashion flies out the door, I do wear an ugly, puffy North Face, but is it really still a fashion don’t this day and age to mix black and brown? We are a generation who buys jeans with holes already in them.

Even my husband, who I would not classify as fashion-conscious, gets upset when arrives at work and realizes he put on brown pants with a black shirt when he thought they were brown.

While I was examining myself in front of my mirror before I left for work, I said to myself, “Eh, whatever,” but caught another glimpse in my building’s lobby and thought the color combo looked fine. Maybe 2014 will be the year to break all of the rules!

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