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Lauren Manzo’s Bridal Veil

Reality star, Lauren Manzo, daughter of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey alum, Caroline Manzo, and star of Manzo’d With Children, got hitched this weekend to her longtime love Vito Scalia, and her bridal look was to die for!

I’m not a fan of a traditional bridal veil. I think it is very easy for it to look 80’s tacky, but if done right, it can solidify a bridal look and make for a show-stopping and memorable look; and Manzo nailed it:

Her cathedral length veil had such intricate detail that perfectly complimented her more simple ball gown.  What a stunning bride!

Her veil inspired me to share a few other veils that I think are beautiful and top off a bridal look, and not surprisingly, are all cathedral length:



‘Boy Meets Skinnygirl Cocktails’ Valentine’s Launch Party

Last night I somehow weaseled my way into a Skinnygirl event. I’m a huge Bethenny Frankel and Real Housewives fan, so I was excited to see what it was all about. In all honesty, I didn’t think Bethenny was going to be there, and if she was, I thought she’d be around for 10 minutes, give a speech, then leave. To say that I was wrong is an understatement. Bethenny was there, as was the entire cast of the Real Housewives of New York, and Jax from Vanderpump Rules!

I was in reality TV heaven last night at the event that launched new Skinnygirl products, taking pictures of LuAnn, Sonja, Bethenny, Heather, and Kristen dancing in the middle of the room to some epic late ’90s/early ’00s hip hop. I not only snagged selfies with Jax and Heather, but got a Skinnygirl Naked Cosmo recipe card, a Skinnygirl wine topper, and an epic video of sexy Sonja working it with this guy:

sonja morgan dancing










Here are some more action shots of the ladies, a horrible angle of myself with Jax, and the souvenir from Bethenny:

Bethenny Frankel
Heather Thomson Real Housewives Dancing IMG_20150210_223431












Morning, Laurie.

Bravo Emjois. Bloop!

You might need to take a Xanax for this one…

Bravo has just introduced its new app: The Real Housewives Stickermojis, and it is giving me life! To quote a pal of mine, “It is everything I never knew I wanted,” and truer words have never been spoken!

What is it? Well, the title speaks for itself: Realhousewife-themed emojis! Here are some examples of how you these can be best utilized:

If you’re getting into a heated argument via text with your bestie, you can just express yourself with one of these:

Who Gon' Check Me Boo?








If you want to not-so-subtly hint that you are in the mood, Kim Richards can help you convey that message:

Kim Richards Emoji








Feeling a little unstable? You know Ramona’s got your back!









And if you’ve run out of words, you can always just toss out Aviva’s leg and call it a day!

Aviva Drescher Leg









App is $2.00 in the iTunes store and now available!


Community Focused Reality TV

It all started with The OC. TV execs all piggy-backed on the phenomenon of this fictional show that focused heavily on the town in which the show was based – the culture of the cast was almost a cast member in and if itself.

Not long after the success of The OC, MTV launched the ever successful, and addicting, Laguna Beach, with the tag line, “The Real Orange County,” which aired for three seasons, and spawned, “The Hills.” An exec over at Bravo by the name of Andy Cohen seemed to be paying close attention as well as his idea of, ” The Real Housewives of Orange County,” launched a huge franchise of localized Real Housewives shows.

Other community-centric shows started popping up all over, especially on Bravo with the shows, “Gallery Girls,” “Princesses: Long Island,” “100 Days of Summer,” and “Blood, Sweat and Heels,” with the latter of the two being brand new.

Since I love all of the Real Housewives, I gave Gallery Girls and Princesses: Long Island a chance, and well, I have some bones to pick.

I’ll start with Gallery Girls, which portrayed NYC girls as stuck up, self absorbed and superficial. While the premise of the show is about them working in galleries, that portion of the show played second fiddle to their partying, drinking, shopping and dating, which brings me to one of the bigger issues I have with NYC-based reality shows: the lack of reality of it all. Thanks to fictional shows like, “Sex And The City,” that portray fabulous women with fancy jobs, disposable income and fantastic apartments, girls from small town America think this is actually doable. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are girls that are able to pull it off, with or without the help of daddy’s money, but more often than not it is not the norm. None of these girls lived in a two bedroom apartment converted into a three bedroom in order to afford rent. They weren’t drinking Trader Joe’s cheap wine, and they certainly weren’t Maxxinistas. Show me these girls’ fabulous bank accounts, I bet it’s not something you would be envious of.

I find this type of culture to be a little disgusting. Enter Princess: Long Island. I am from Long Island, but don’t consider myself a typical Long Island girl like these ladies. The “daddy girls” that live with their parents, unemployed and expect their parents to take care of them, and they do. While that seems to be the case for many, it’s not the way every girl in Long Island lives; just this group specifically. While I’m not campaigning as mayor, when they say so and so is the most popular girl in Long Island, that is not the case. I, nor do my friends, know who any of these girls are, and I feel that reality shows blow popularity out of proportion. Which I guess is something that’s part of the paradox; they probably have to in order lure in an audience.

This leads me to Bravo’s new show Blood, Sweat and Heels. The moment I saw a commercial for this show, my first thoughts were, “Ugh, not another NYC reality show portraying NYC girl negatively and inaccurately.” Ok, maybe I wasn’t so articulate in my thoughts and an f-bomb or two might have been included, but you get the point. I’m over these shows, NYC specifically, even The Real Housewives of New York. I’m glad Bravo is branching out to Chicago for 100 Days of Summer. Can’t wait to hear what locals have to say about that!

Doesn’t GIRLS premiere soon? That’s a show middle America should be watching if they want a real POV of NYC.

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