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Bravo Emjois. Bloop!

You might need to take a Xanax for this one…

Bravo has just introduced its new app: The Real Housewives Stickermojis, and it is giving me life! To quote a pal of mine, “It is everything I never knew I wanted,” and truer words have never been spoken!

What is it? Well, the title speaks for itself: Realhousewife-themed emojis! Here are some examples of how you these can be best utilized:

If you’re getting into a heated argument via text with your bestie, you can just express yourself with one of these:

Who Gon' Check Me Boo?








If you want to not-so-subtly hint that you are in the mood, Kim Richards can help you convey that message:

Kim Richards Emoji








Feeling a little unstable? You know Ramona’s got your back!









And if you’ve run out of words, you can always just toss out Aviva’s leg and call it a day!

Aviva Drescher Leg









App is $2.00 in the iTunes store and now available!



DVR Pause – Kim of Queens: Angie Goes Rogue

Please tell me I’m not the only one watching the gem of a show, Kim of Queens! I’m obsessed. The show’s premise is that she searches for young talent that many may pass over at first glance to compete in pageants.  Let me be clear: I could really care less about the content of the show, Kim Gravel is fabulous! She’s the best thing to happen to reality TV since NeNe Leakes (sorry boo).  Check her out in action:

And, check her out paused:

Kim of Queens

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