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Mani Monday: Negative Space Nail Art

My latest nail art obsession is negative space! I haven’t experimented much with it myself, but the technicians at the nail salons I have been frequently have!

Besides looking incredibly chic, negative space nail art, if used correctly, could last a long time since it blends in with your natural nail bed.

A coworker of mine recently alerted me to a nail salon that specializes in nail art that offers weekly $40 gel nail art specials – Vanity Projects. Clearly, I booked an appointment immediately.

When I went on to the site to book the appointment, it was simple an turn-key, but there’s a catch to the $40 special – it’s an extra $10 to remove the gel of your previous manicure! Bummer, but I still went for it because it’s still a pretty good price for a gel nail art manicure in New York City.

The girl doing my nails had gems on her nails, and I promptly took notice and began asking questions. “Do they stay on?” “How do they stay on so long?!” “Do they get stuck in your hair?” When I finished my interrogation I was in. I told her one nail, gold, and in the negative space. Everything else was up to her.

I’d say she nailed* it, don’t you agree?

Negative space nail art

*I love puns


Women’s Health Run 10 Feed 10 Event

As you know, I’m big into running right now, as I’ve been actively training for my first half marathon in October (on my birthday!!) and want to share this awesome event and opportunity with you guys! The 4th Annual Women’s Health Run 10 Feed 10 Nationwide Run will be coming to NYC September 20th!  Women’s Health and FEED, the organization founded by philanthropist and social entrepreneur Lauren Bush Lauren, partner for this race series to motivate consumers nationwide to help fight domestic hunger. The concept is simple: run a 10k, feed 10 people.

The money from the registration and fundraising efforts will go to the nearest NYC metropolitan areas. Also included in the registration fees are a 2015 limited-edition FEED bag and FEED bracelet as a special finisher prize. The day will include:

  • An unforgettable experience running at 10K for those in need
  • Pre and post race activities including guided stretches and  yoga with a special guest trainer
  • Tons of freebies, experiences and giveaways
  • Special guests and more…

If you want to have a 10k under your belt, and participate in not only a fun, but inspiring event, you can register here. I have a special discount for my readers! Be sure to enter code R10F10PR to get $5 off!

Happy training, folks!

Product Review: WRAPURSE

If you’re anything like me, you love a good designer bag in which you can fit your entire life. This bag basically becomes an extremity, lugging it everywhere, and inevitably, placing everywhere. For me, my bag winds up on the NYC Subway floor. Gross.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who has been grossed out by this concept. Single mom, Cindy Heap, had the last straw when she found bubble gum on the bottom of her Coach bag, and from there got the wheels in motion and created WRAPURSE. I recently tried it out, and it’s fantastic!

Coach bag wrapurse

It comes in an array of colors and sizes, so you can either match it to your purse to camouflage it, or use a contrasting color to give your bag an extra pop of color!

I was initially nervous that I was going to lose it. That with the every day hustle and bustle, it would fall off. But, the draw strings really work, and I’m happy to say I still have it! Honestly, I forget that it’s even there.

coach wrapuse


WRAPURSE is currently raising funds to grow the company. You can learn more about it and donate here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/save-the-purses-wrap-it-right-with-wrapurse#/story

‘Boy Meets Skinnygirl Cocktails’ Valentine’s Launch Party

Last night I somehow weaseled my way into a Skinnygirl event. I’m a huge Bethenny Frankel and Real Housewives fan, so I was excited to see what it was all about. In all honesty, I didn’t think Bethenny was going to be there, and if she was, I thought she’d be around for 10 minutes, give a speech, then leave. To say that I was wrong is an understatement. Bethenny was there, as was the entire cast of the Real Housewives of New York, and Jax from Vanderpump Rules!

I was in reality TV heaven last night at the event that launched new Skinnygirl products, taking pictures of LuAnn, Sonja, Bethenny, Heather, and Kristen dancing in the middle of the room to some epic late ’90s/early ’00s hip hop. I not only snagged selfies with Jax and Heather, but got a Skinnygirl Naked Cosmo recipe card, a Skinnygirl wine topper, and an epic video of sexy Sonja working it with this guy:

sonja morgan dancing










Here are some more action shots of the ladies, a horrible angle of myself with Jax, and the souvenir from Bethenny:

Bethenny Frankel
Heather Thomson Real Housewives Dancing IMG_20150210_223431












Morning, Laurie.

Engagement Season!

With Christmas just days away, and New Year’s a week away, it is safe to say that engagement season is in full swing!

A few years ago I went with Steve, his cousin and her son to go ice skating at Rockefeller Center. We must have waited on line in the freezing cold for two hours. I remember one of the sessions ending, and everyone was clearing the ice, except for one man, who was down on one knee in front of New York City to propose to his girlfriend. It was so amazing to see – I thought this is what Christmas in New York is about!  As time passed, and we were still on line, and even when we finally were ice skating, the number of men dropping to their knees exponentially increased.  The thrill for me wore off, but never-the-less, it’s really magical to see couples embracing the season.

With engagement season underway, I rounded up some of my favorite styles of engagement rings!

Let’s start with a traditional princess cut solitaire. I’m partial to this since it’s exactly what I have:

princess cut engagement ringAnother solitaire, this time emerald. I sometimes have a case of engagement envy with this one:

emerald cut engagement ring








I love a good cushion cut with a pave band that really adds a touch of elegance:

cushion engagement ring with pave band Another take on the solitaire that I really love are the pave diamonds that crawl up through the prongs:

pave prongs










I go back and forth on the halo look.  I think if it’s really done right, it’s super classy, like this one. Personally, if the halo is too thick, I think it looks a bit cheap:



Lastly, there’s something about a double band that I adore:

double band


What’s your engagement ring style?


Looking Back: Our First Home

As the holidays roll around, and I look back at the year, and years past, I always think about how far I’ve come.  Sometimes, I sit back and look at the little things that I take for granted, most recently, my apartment.  I’m not only talking roof-over-my-head lucky, but how my husband and I turned it into what we will always look back on as, “Our first home,” making lasting memories for years to come.

living room christmas

Our cozy living room during the holidays

Our apartment is magical; magical in the sense that we truly found the perfect place to live. Great building, perfect location, and most importantly, ours.  You see, it was really difficult going into looking for a place to live as we don’t work anywhere near each other – him in White Plains (Westchester County), and me in downtown Manhattan. As you probably know, when it comes to NYC real estate, a lousy work commute is a non-negotiable.  Looking back, real estate platform,  Urban Compass, would have come in super-handy, especially with the use of their Neighborhood Guides, to help find the perfect location!

It was just days before my lease was up, and the pressure was on me to find a place for us to live in Astoria. I was already living there, so it was easy for me to go to showings before work, as opposed to my husband, Steve, up in Westchester. The catch was, we had to make sure we were within a reasonable walking distance to the M60 bus, which would get him to the Metro North within minutes. Slim pickin’s, guys.

Or so I thought.  The broker took me into the biggest apartment building on the block – complete with laundry, elevator, and, wait for it…about a three minute walk to the bus stop!  The amazing price for the unit, and the convenience of it all, had me leaping at the opportunity for this to be my first home with my future husband!

Turning the apartment into a home wasn’t too hard.  A few years earlier, we had found a mosaic table and chairs at some antique shop off the Bruckner Expressway, and impulsively bought it.  I think I was still living with my parents at the time, so Steve took it with him for his apartment at Fordham where he was a Resident Director.  Once I had my own place, I was able to use it, but the thought of bringing it into our first home was super exciting!

mosaic table

The mosaic table that really got around

The table became a theme-starter of our dining space, which we actually named, Staurie Cafe. “Staurie” is how we refer to ourselves: Laurie + Steve = Staurie. Yes, it’s a play off of the Bennifers and the Kimyes of the world, and extremely corny, but it’s all in good fun.  We put up a bulletin board with the name printed on it, and plastered pics of ourselves all over it. Pics we’ve collected from vacations and parties, our engagement and wedding pics, and our numbers from the various runs we’ve done.

Staurie Cafe

Staurie Cafe, complete with an epic caricature we had done at the San Diego Zoo!

Steve and I had it pretty easy decorating our dining space in comparison to the bedroom.  He has more of a sleek, black, what I like to refer to as “Patrick Bateman-esque” type of taste, while I like a more girly, shabby/chic vibe.  One way we were able to compromise on our differing tastes, was to include pictures of meaning. An engagement photo, wedding photo, and our vows arranged beautifully above our bed:

From left to right: engagement photo, wedding photo, vows

From left to right: engagement photo, wedding photo, vows

It was difficult for me to choose just a few things about our apartment that really make it a home, but it is these stories stand out most to me as these are memories that I look back on fondly, and items I look at with love.

Men Subway Riders: Close Your Legs!

This morning on my way to work as I transferred at Times Square from the N to the 1 train, I sat down on an end seat next to a man. I’ll admit it was a little bit of a tight fit, but just enough room, especially when I thought the man would adjust his seating so we can fit comfortably. Silly me.

As I kept turning to the right, glaring at the side of his head, I got a peek of what was happening on his other side: the seat was occupied by his right leg. Totes normal…

Was I crazy for thinking my size 0 ass could fit there? Was he thin-shaming me for sitting in a seat he didn’t anticipate anyone fitting into?

The girl sitting across from me and I exchanged a smirk, acknowledging this douche bag, who is clearly overcompensating for his overwhelming amount of empty space in his pants (READ!). I was getting really angry at men on subways, but tried really hard not to generalize, especially since yesterday a guy offered to switch sides with me so I could hold on to a side pole, and not the one I was struggling to reach overhead, that lasted all of two seconds.

I’m not the first woman to complain about this, nor is this my first time breaking out into a rant, and I know I’m not the only one to publicly voice my opinions on this issue. That’s right, I said issue, because frankly, it is. Trains would be less crowded if men sucked it up and closed their legs. It wouldn’t make a tremendous difference, but it would impact at least that one soul who needs to squeeze into that packed train to get to where they really need to be.

This has been a hot topic as of late. There’s this epic Tumblr dedicated to it; Bustle writer, Gabrielle Ross, recently did a social experiment, riding around the subway system for a weekend sitting like a guy; and, earlier this week it was announced that the MTA will launch an awareness campaign about the issue in January! And to be clear, MTA spokesperson, Kevin Ortiz did call this an issue. Validated!