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Mani Monday: Negative Space Nail Art

My latest nail art obsession is negative space! I haven’t experimented much with it myself, but the technicians at the nail salons I have been frequently have!

Besides looking incredibly chic, negative space nail art, if used correctly, could last a long time since it blends in with your natural nail bed.

A coworker of mine recently alerted me to a nail salon that specializes in nail art that offers weekly $40 gel nail art specials – Vanity Projects. Clearly, I booked an appointment immediately.

When I went on to the site to book the appointment, it was simple an turn-key, but there’s a catch to the $40 special – it’s an extra $10 to remove the gel of your previous manicure! Bummer, but I still went for it because it’s still a pretty good price for a gel nail art manicure in New York City.

The girl doing my nails had gems on her nails, and I promptly took notice and began asking questions. “Do they stay on?” “How do they stay on so long?!” “Do they get stuck in your hair?” When I finished my interrogation I was in. I told her one nail, gold, and in the negative space. Everything else was up to her.

I’d say she nailed* it, don’t you agree?

Negative space nail art

*I love puns


Men Subway Riders: Close Your Legs!

This morning on my way to work as I transferred at Times Square from the N to the 1 train, I sat down on an end seat next to a man. I’ll admit it was a little bit of a tight fit, but just enough room, especially when I thought the man would adjust his seating so we can fit comfortably. Silly me.

As I kept turning to the right, glaring at the side of his head, I got a peek of what was happening on his other side: the seat was occupied by his right leg. Totes normal…

Was I crazy for thinking my size 0 ass could fit there? Was he thin-shaming me for sitting in a seat he didn’t anticipate anyone fitting into?

The girl sitting across from me and I exchanged a smirk, acknowledging this douche bag, who is clearly overcompensating for his overwhelming amount of empty space in his pants (READ!). I was getting really angry at men on subways, but tried really hard not to generalize, especially since yesterday a guy offered to switch sides with me so I could hold on to a side pole, and not the one I was struggling to reach overhead, that lasted all of two seconds.

I’m not the first woman to complain about this, nor is this my first time breaking out into a rant, and I know I’m not the only one to publicly voice my opinions on this issue. That’s right, I said issue, because frankly, it is. Trains would be less crowded if men sucked it up and closed their legs. It wouldn’t make a tremendous difference, but it would impact at least that one soul who needs to squeeze into that packed train to get to where they really need to be.

This has been a hot topic as of late. There’s this epic Tumblr dedicated to it; Bustle writer, Gabrielle Ross, recently did a social experiment, riding around the subway system for a weekend sitting like a guy; and, earlier this week it was announced that the MTA will launch an awareness campaign about the issue in January! And to be clear, MTA spokesperson, Kevin Ortiz did call this an issue. Validated!

California Dreamin’

Last week I took a trip to Los Angeles for work. Even though it was a work trip, it was definitely a highly anticipated trip since NYC has been covered in snow. I mean, look at what lunch time at Yahoo! looked like, NYC won’t see an outdoor lunch at this rate until August:


I’ve only been out to LA a handful of times, and only two of those times were for leisure. I forget how fancy people are there; that everyone there gets dressed like they are walking the red carpet. It’s really a far cry from the Brooklyn hipsters who walk the streets looking homeless. I’m not saying I prefer one over the other, since I love my sweats like the nice Jewish girl from Long Island that I am, but it was a nice welcoming change, and definitely inspiring. Once the weather gets nicer I’m hoping to put that inspiration to use!

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Valentine’s Day Fashion Bummer

I live in New York City and as you may know we have been hit by mountains of snow.


All if this snow makes it next to impossible to get dressed, none the less, dress cute. I had my Valentine’s Day ensemble all set: a cute sweater dress, red lips, and of course my staple Eiffel Tower Tiffany’s necklace. I even rocked some adorable midi rings and red nails to top off the look:


When I got dressed I thought to myself, “You know what I’m missing? My disgusting lime green rain boots!”


Just kidding. I wasn’t aching to wear them by any means. They are hideous and extremely heavy on my feet, but they are a staple in this weather. I always plan to buy a new pair, but why waste my money on something I know I still won’t like, and still find uncomfortable? Besides, whenever I wear these, I have a great opportunity to make fun of my mom, sharing the quote she said about them when she gave them to me, complete with her Brooklyn accent:

Law! They’re Ralph Lauren and were only 15 dollas from TJ Maxx!

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