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Do I Dress Appropriately For My Age?

How does one tell if they are dressing age appropriate?  I don’t think I have the authority to judge this, and I think I still dress as if I’m still in my 20s.

Case-in-point, today’s ensemble: A Jen Kao slip dress underneath a cropped sweater, leggings and wedges:

jen kao slip dress








My inspiration you ask? Oh, you didn’t realize there was inspiration? Yeah, it happens. This get-up that Britney Spears wore on the TRL awards back in ’03:

britney spears trl awards








For the youngins out there, TRL was a first of its kind live music video show on MTV hosted by Carson Daily, where fans got to vote on their favorite videos of the day, daily. Huh. I wonder if that’s why Carson Daily got the job?

I digress! I’m a 31-year-old media professional who works in a casual office. Jeans are the norm.  While I did get tons of compliments on my outfit today, from a variety of ages I might add, it got me thinking if I dress my age. Is there an age where I should stop being trendy? If so, have I reached that age?  Am I too old to shop at Forever 21?

Well for starters, I’m probably doing something wrong if my ensemble today is inspired by a 22-year-old from over 10 years ago.  But when I look at what celebs around my age like Khloe Kardashian and Olivia Wilde are wearing out and about I don’t seem to be too far off:

khloe kardashian








Olivia Wilde







What I do know is that I am too young for is the Kris Jenner “Omish” look:

kris jenner amish








Deconstructing Denim

The MTV Video Music Awards are not only known for its history-making live performances, but also for its unique, one-of-a-kind fashion. Who could forget Lil’ Kim’s left boob hanging out (and Diana Ross playing with it!), or Pamela Anderson’s giant furry hat? This year there was one ensemble in particular that was neither unique nor one-of-a-kind, and that would be Katy Perry’s denim dress that mimicked the denim dress Britney Spears wore with her then boyfriend Justin Timberlake to the 2001 American Music Awards. Not only did Katy copy it, but she got her boyfriend, Riff Raff in on it, too.

Katy Perry Britney Spears Denim


Katy is not a girl who would let something like this go unaccounted. Katy tweeted to Britney about her plan, and Miss Spears approves!

On another copying note – Did anyone else think that Amber Rose stole Rose McGowan’s 1998 VMA look?

Amber Rose, Rose McGowan VMAs


DVR Pause – Teen Mom 2: You Got Me

On last night’s episode, Jenelle and Nathan decide they want a baby, you know, since they now live together, have been dating for two months, and since Jenelle is sober, it’s obviously a great idea! [Note: sarcasm!].

The couple decided to break the news to Barbara over ice cream, which was a brilliant distraction, seriously. If Barbara did not have a delicious frosty treat in hand to focus on instead of the fact that her 21 year old daughter who doesn’t have custody of her first child is planning a second kid, who knows what obscenities would have flown out of her mouth!

Barbara Evans Teen Mom 2
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DVR Pause – Teen Mom 2: Working Overtime

We are four episodes into season five of Teen Mom 2, and there have been no blow-ups between Barbara and Jenelle, no arrests, a lot of talk about probation, and a move in with the new BF, who Jenelle can’t believe isn’t a liar. She did yell in his face in this season’s trailer about him always being with other girls, right? Sounds like our good friend Jenelle will be back any episode now.

On last night’s episode, Jenelle and Barbara have their umpteenth conversation about Jenelle’s possible jail time and probation. Every time Barbara has one of these conversations with her daughter, the look on her face is always of disbelief:

Barbara Evans

Sorry Babs, this is your unscripted reality.
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DVR Pause – Teen Mom 2: Love Will Never Do Without You

Props to MTV for incorporating a Janet Jackson song as the title of the most recent Teen Mom 2 episode! I’m pretty sure their audience has no idea this song exists.

I’m late with Barbara this week! I DVR a thousand shows on Tuesdays, and I’m pretty sure Teen Mom 2 got overrode with The State of the Union, so I had to wait till it was available On Demand to capture this week’s gem.

There was actually a really sweet moment between Jenelle and Barbara when she was talking about dating, and Jenelle didn’t even get angry when Barbara seemed super-surprised that an underwear model wanted to go on a date with her daughter. Precious.

Barbara Evans

You know what else is precious?  Jace dropping the F-bomb then covering it up by saying he said, “Football,” and not “F**kball.”

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DVR Pause – Teen Mom 2: Season 5 Catch Up Special

I woke up Wednesday morning to the sight is Teen Mom 2 on my DVR. What a pleasant surprise!

Much to my dismay, when I put it on it was merely a catch up special, which I’ll take, of course!
For Teen Mom 2 I have to dedicate my DVR Pause to Barbara, her sick accent, accusations, tantrums, and her face to match!*

Let’s gear up with this gem from the catch up special!

*I really feel the need to include a disclaimer for this, it’s about to get serious up in here. These DVR Pause posts are all in good fun, even the ones about Barbara. I understand that she’s dealing with a lot, but she has become an internet meme and want to entertain the masses!