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DVR Pause – Mob Wives: Purgatory


Drita’s reaction to him surprising her in the studio was priceless! She is too much!

Drita surprised my Method Man

She was nerding out so much, it just made me smile and laugh!  She’s my favorite Mob Wife, and I may have had a very similar moment when I came into contact with her a few years ago.

I went to the 2012 MTV Movie Awards and after party, which basically was swarming with celebrities. For the most part, the A-listers had their own roped off section indoors, but outside, there were many reality stars that were “free rein.” Being the biggest reality star junkie ever, I was in heaven. Then at one point turned around and saw Drita standing there with Pauly D’s boys.

I. Died. Dead.

I kept telling my husband, “OMG, it’s Drita and Pauly D’s boys, I HAVE to get a pic!” He didn’t understand the big deal. We walked around a bit before I worked up the courage to actually approach her, and by courage I mean a few more glasses of wine.

I finally went up to her, shaking, and asked for a pic with her, and in true Drita form, she responded with the following:

Yeah! You got money?

I was so nervous, my only response to her was:

I have plastic!

Of course she said she was kidding, and pulled me in for a pic with her and the boys!

What an amazing moment! I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone! Unfortunately, my husband and I decided to be rock stars that night and continue the party over at the Chateau Marmont, and lost our camera! We have zero evidence of meeting Drita, Pauly D’s boys, the guys from Workaholics and LMFAO’s Redfoo! But did get this amazing pic with The Hunger Games’ Alexander Ludwig from my camera phone:

alexander ludwig

It was all oh so worth it!

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DVR Pause – Mob Wives: Eat Worms B***H

That moment you realize the re-cast of one of your favorite shows will suck and it’s actually the best season ever!

We’re eight episodes into this season of Mob Wives, which features new wives Alicia and Natalie, original wives Renee, Drita and Big Ang, and no more of Karen, Carla, Ramona and reoccurring lunatic, Love.

I’m not very good with change, especially when it comes to my TV shows, so I was pretty skeptical about how this season would play out. But little did I know that one of the new ladies was going through an intense trial with her husband who just happens to be childhood friends with Renee. That whole sentence right there smells like disaster, and it is!

It’s no news to fans of the show that Renee is crazy, but did anyone else think she could get any crazier? I know she wasn’t on the level of crazy that Love was on, but I think this season Renee created a whole new chapter of the crazy book, and it’s only focus is her.

Renee Graziano

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DVR Pause – Mob Wives: Vegas Part Two

For the most part, I watch the majority of my television in the morning while I’m getting ready for work. Since of course, I would die if I ever missed a second of any of my shows, I end up pausing my DVR pretty frequently if I need to leave the room. I’ve always noticed that even the glamourous of the glam, and the fabulous of the fab, can not escape the pause button!

This edition of the DVR Pause comes to you from Natalie Guercio of Mob Wives! Good thing I paused, this episode was so good. Renee girl…I have no words.

Natalie from Mob Wives