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I Think I Popped

Today I had to button my pants with a hair tie:


As of today, I’m 16 weeks and 3 days pregnant, and just beginning to grow out of my size zeros. I’m on a mission to stay out of maternity clothes as long as possible, and this is doing the trick…for now!

I know I’m going to get bigger as the months fly by, but am somehow convinced maternity wear won’t be a necessity. I just went on a shopping trip to Express (which I’ll share with you soon) to get larger blouses and and stretch pants for the upcoming spring months. Summer on the other hand, is going to be tricky I think. I’m already planning on wearing breathable, flowy dresses to get me through the humid NYC weather. Baby’s due August 1st, so at least I won’t be commuting in the worst summer month. Did I mention my commute has me transferring in Times Square? I’m not looking forward to that!

If anyone has any fashion tips for preggos at every stage, this future mommy blogger would love to hear them!




Fear of Public Speaking

For as long as I can remember, I have had a terrible fear of public speaking. The moments leading up to it, my heart would pound so hard it felt like it would leap out of my chest, I was hot and sweaty, and of course, my stomach was in knots.  All of the tips and tricks people tried to provide me with to help, never did.

A lot of people find this interesting because I’m a dancer. From the age of four through college I’ve performed in front of people, ranging as small as dance recitals to as large as Shea Stadium (now Citi Field) and even on live television. But the moment you ask me to speak publicly, I fall apart.

This fear has held me back professionally, but I have improved since I first started out. I have a relatively new boss, who wants to really work on this with me, and I keep telling him, that where I am now is lightyears ahead of where I was. I’m willing to work on it, of course, but I’m never going to be the person to seamlessly give a presentation without flubbing over some words and saying “um” more than a handful of times.

This fear is something a lot of my peers don’t relate to, which is strange, because studies show that it is the number one fear of people. To try to drive the point home, I turned around and said:

I’d rather be in the coffin than giving the eulogy!

Seinfeld gets it!

In talking further with my boss about it, a few of my stage-fright memories of yesteryear came to mind, and one in particular really stands out to me. Hop on in the DeLorean, folks!

In the 5th grade I was chosen to participate in my elementary school’s spelling bee. I remember in order to qualify, my teacher had us get in front of the class and write words on the chalkboard that he read to us. I was the last one standing. If I had known going into it that doing well would land me a spot in a spelling bee in front of my entire school, I would have spelled a word wrong on purpose. Panic ensues.

I don’t remember if I tried to get out of it, but I don’t recall fighting about it with my mom.  I do remember expressing the fear and anxiety I had about going up on stage, with a microphone to my face, spelling words in front of hundreds of people.

I guess mom took matters into her own hands, because before I knew it, she told me that Mr. Pitts (my 5th grade teacher) would work with me and a few other kids during recess to practice speaking into the microphone, on the very stage the spelling bee would take place.

Even the rehearsals had my heart pounding out of my chest, but the practice certainly was helpful. I came in third place! If you’re wondering, the word I spelled wrong was PRECIOUS. I left out the “i.”

Perhaps it’s time I channel my 5th grade self, suck it up, and get to practicing!

Six Things Vegetarians Are Sick of Hearing on Thanksgiving

I’ve been a vegetarian for over a decade, yet every Thanksgiving  my family is still shocked and confused that I don’t partake in turkey at dinner. Here’s a list for you omnivores on what your vegan/vegetarian family members are sick of hearing on this carcass-focused holiday!

“Come on, just a little slice won’t hurt!”

mean girls pusher








What part of I’m a vegetarian don’t you understand?

“Are the sides really gonna fill you?”








The five million sides of starch? I should be cool.

“Can I try your Tofurkey?”

one direction feeding each other








Of course!

…And after they try it: “Ew! How do you eat that?!”

mama june








Honestly, I think the same thing about your main dish, but I have tact.

“Don’t you miss it?”








“Maybe next year you’ll change your mind.”










Keep dreaming, grandma!

Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry

We all have that box of old stuff from our ex-boyfriends under our beds in our childhood bedrooms. That stuff ranges from silly knick-knacks, items of clothing, and jewelry. We typically give this box no mind, but every now an then, it sneaks up on you, and reminisce about that nice necklace you once wore in pride that is now collecting dust.

Enter website Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry; an online hub that allows for you to buy, sell, trade, and blog about the breakup. Though the name of the site plugs ex-boyfriends, it’s open to all dumpees, divorcès, and everything in between; to rid themselves of the literal excess baggage and make a little pocket-chance in the process.

The site’s search function is seamless and once you find what you’re looking for, you’re not only provided with pics and details of the product, but treated to “The Scoop,” the reasons behind the splits, an within seconds you will find yourself down the rabbit hole of lovers scorned:

I was in a serious relationship with this guy, let’s call him Doc since he was a surgeon. We were dating about a year; I had quit my job after he asked me to move in, and basically played housewife – without the wifey status. We flew to Vegas, Miami, places like that very often for his “work conferences”. One weekend in Miami, Doc got drunk – like pass out in the elevator drunk. Let me mention that while I was away on a trip to see my family the weekend prior, I came home to find a hair tie and a bangle bracelet on the ledge of our shower. NOT MINE!!! So while in Miami, I’m taking care of Doc getting him to the to and I’ve been dying to go through his phone, naturally like most girls would. Voila. FOUND IT. Bastard has individual photo albums for each of his girls he’s been “friendly” with. He’s got message after message after MESSAGE of “patients” of his… Found out these weren’t real patients, because real patients pay with money or insurance. Nope. These girls didn’t pay for anything, in fact, they got free Botox and their cell phone and light bills paid BY MY MAN for a small fee of having sex with him. DIS. GUS. TING. I waited until the next day to bring this to his attention. He had no idea what to do because there’s no way he could deny it. Want to know how he makes it up to me? Bastard goes to Tiffany & Co. and buys me this ring. HONEY, diamonds are a girls best friend but I will take loyalty any day over that. Needless to say, I accepted it. Along with getting my job back and a house of my own impressively quick after that. Bye Felicia.

taylor swift - blank space

The concept of this site is really great – after a break-up, especially a bitter one, I can’t imagine a better way to get revenge and vindication. I think they should implement a dating section, too! Wouldn’t it be cool to see a match made from people selling jewelry from their exes? Definitely a story for the grandchildren!

My First Half Marathon

I’ve talked a lot on here how I’ve hit a wall in my career, and am in a bit of a “1/3rd life-crisis” (even though I’m two years past “1/3rd”). I know that life is more than a career, and decided to work towards an accomplishment towards bettering myself, though at the time, didn’t realize that’s what I was doing. Earlier this year I signed up to run my first ever half marathon, on my 32nd birthday, nonetheless!

The Rock-n-Roll Brooklyn was the inaugural run on October 10th, and got wind of it through my husband, who asked if I wanted to do it. I laughed in his face. I’ve run two 10ks, and never thought I could ever work up the stamina to double that. But I sat on it for a few days, and decided to go for it. My husband signed me and best friend up for it as my birthday present, and decided there was no turning back!

I don’t remember the last time I was so committed to something. Either my college thesis or dance competitions in high school. I re-downloaded my Runkeeper app, checked out the training plans, and began pounding the pavement.

The majority of my training happened over the summer, so I had to split my time on the treadmill, or early morning weekends to beat the humidity. Every weekend this past summer, I was up at 6am, which is earlier than I wake up for work during the week, and went for my long runs. Sometimes they were great, other times, I couldn’t finish, which I learned was OK.

As I got further into my training, and my runs got longer, I learned that I had to start testing out gels and figuring out my eating schedule – I also learned about runner’s stomach…Yikes! I’d say I figured it all out about a week or two before my actual race.

Race day was amazing! I set my alarm for 4:45am, but woke up naturally around 4:30. Ate breakfast, packed my gels, and got in an Uber to Brooklyn! When I arrived I couldn’t believe how packed it was. The port-a-potty lines were as long as Disney World lines in the middle of summer. I found my bestie, and we made our way to the corrals.

Everyone there was so nice! There is such a great sense of comrade! My bestie made me a “Birthday Princess” t-shirt, with a mention that it was my first half on my back, and got so many hugs, congrats, and happy birthdays from fellow racers.

As the race began, I was so excited. I just kept thinking that this was something I worked all summer for, and here it was! I’m running my first half marathon on my 32nd birthday with my best friend!

Before I knew it, I was at the 10k mark, and I wasn’t even tired – thanks endorphins! Seriously, those endorphins certainly got me through it, especially when I ate it around mile 8. My ankle rolled, lost my balance, and hit the ground hard. My knee was throbbing, but there was no blood, so I got up, and kept going.

I crossed the finished line at two hours and twenty minutes, and couldn’t believe the race came and went! My husband met us at the finish line, and we hung out a bit at the after party in Prospect Park before we left to meet up with some friends for brunch.

Still, a little more than a month since the run, I can’t believe I actually did it! With the NYC marathon only a few weeks ago, many people have asked me if that’s something I would ever do, and I said it’s not something I would rule out. When I started running a few years ago with 5ks, I said there’s no way I could ever do a 10k, and I did two. Even after completing a 10k, I never thought I’d be running a half marathon. The human body sure is amazing!

Here are some highlights from the day!

Before the race:



Goofing around:


My times!

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 5.45.00 PM

Flower Friday: Succulent Bouquets!

I have a bit of a love affair with flowers. I tell everyone, that in my next life I wanna be a florist. If I had the financial means I would quit my job, go back to school for horticulture, open up Sage Florals, and create the most amazing floral arrangements and bouquets. A girl can dream, right?

To keep my flower fury at bay, I daze online at flowers in the meantime. I not too long ago developed an obsession with succulents. By adding these green tendrils to a bouquet, it adds in an extra layer of delicateness, providing for a luscious and soft bouquet.  I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites to share on this beautiful flower Friday. Enjoy!

succulent bouquetsucculent bouquetsucculent bouquetsucculent bouquetsucculent bouquet

Product Review: Nail Polish Remover Pads

Not too long ago, I needed a quick fix to remove my vanishing manicure before heading out to a family party. A colleague of mine suggested nail polish remover pads so that I wouldn’t have to buy an entire new bottle and cotton balls, while at work mind you. So I headed over to the local drug store on the hunt, and found them.  Here are my thoughts:

Ten pads are included in the package, and four only $3.99, there was no way I was passing this up!


The individual packs themselves are great to just throw in your bag so that you always have a nail polish remover option just in case, especially if you’re no where near a Sephora and too shy to walk in and start taking off your nail polish in public 😉



The pad itself is a good size, and not completely drenched in nail polish remover, making it a clean process:


Overall, I found the pads to be convenience and effective: