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Saphira Mineral Mud = Heaven in a Jar

Every girl has an obscene attachment to their hair. Hair is a way you can express yourself, a way you can easily change your look, and for many females, it’s a way of life! You know, like blondes.

I’ve had many a bad haircut, and other traumatic experiences with my hair when I was younger, from frizzy bangs, to being teased for having a “muff,” and even having a majority of it fall out due to an extremely long and high fever I had when I was 15. My hair is my life, but I’ve learned that it always grows back, so you would think I’d be OK actually cutting it more often than I actually do.

About a month ago, I chopped off a good six inches. Something I haven’t done probably since college or so. My hairdresser, who I’ve been going to since I was 15, and seen me at my worst, was a little concerned, giving me a good ol’ Long Island, “Are you shaw, Lau?!” And I was.

Before I could see the final product, she told me I had to sit with conditioner in my hair for a bit, and this stuff will really help my hair. I’m not really a hair product snob, I’m good with some drug store Garnier Fructis, and store brand hair gel, so I didn’t really think anything of it.

OK – this is where smell-o-internet needs to be invented, because the stuff she put in my hair, Saphira Mineral Mud, smelled heavenly. I can’t even use the correct words to describe it to actually convey the smell.

Saphira Mineral Mud

The smell wasn’t even half of it. I’ve never seen a comb or brush make it through my hair so smoothly in all of my 31 years on the planet. Even after the blow-drying and ironing, my hair was soft to the touch.

She sent me home with some samples, which she usually does, but this time I actually used them!  Once I ran out, I knew I needed to actually buy the product, but noticed it wasn’t for sale on Amazon.com, but only at hair salons.

I told my mom about it, and she went and picked me up a tub of it and brought it to me this weekend. I couldn’t wait to dive right into it!

It was about $45, which isn’t a price I typically would pay for a hair product, but given the size of the tub, and the fact that it’s actually a good product, I am sold!





Things All Fake Blondes Know to be True

Being blonde really is more fun, but the road there is a hairy bitch!

You’re bored with your look and think blonde highlights sound like fun!

You let the hairdresser know you want them subtle – no zebra-looking hair

While under the drier you’re super excited about your new look

But while flipping through the latest issue of Glamour, realize just how cute Zooey Deschanel is with her brunette locks and for a split second doubt yourself

zooey deschanel





All doubt fades when your hairdresser starts blowdrying your golden, sun-kissed locks

blow drying hair

And when she’s done, you take one look in the mirror and you feel like a goddess

Your friends and family fawn over how great you look

mean girls

You go about your life feeling wonderful until your roots start to grow in


You call to make an appointment for a touch-up, but your favorite stylist isn’t available for another month

It’s finally time for your appointment and your hairdresser is disgusted, and practically shoves you in her chair

When she’s done you realize you’re blonder than before…And you LOVE IT

blonde is a lifestyle










The upkeep becomes pricey, time-consuming, and the chemicals wreak havoc on what’s left of your hair, but you wouldn’t have it any other way as being blonde makes you feel best!

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Sock Bun Realness

The sock bun has got to be the easiest and most versatile ‘do for girls with long hair in the summer. It’s just too hot wear your hair down, let alone turning on the hair drier! Don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means complaining about the heat (though NYC summers are notoriously hazy, hot and humid) given that awful winter we just endured, and I’d much rather be hot than cold, but I do not want to be walking around the city a hot mess.

First of all, I have too much hair for a true sock bun, and wear a leg warmer instead. It’s the perfect size, and no socks were harmed in the making of this necessary summer hair accessory.

The sock bun/leg warmer bun makes a flawless round bun and is perfect for a day just hanging out, working out, going to work, or a night out on the town. It can be a practical way to keep the hair off of you, or a nice way to top off our outfit without dealing with unruly hair.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Here’s a tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koRcJhZEWao

And here’s my masterpiece:

sock bun

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DVR Pause – Teen Mom 2: Keep Your Head Up

Two episodes in and my heart is breaking for Leah. I hope it’s only up from here.

Speaking of only up from here, we are two episodes in and there has not been a blowout between Jenelle and Barbara! I really thought Jenelle was going to lose it when Barbara started asking her about what would happen if she went to prison, but she was calm, cool and collected. Maybe it was Babs’ new haircut that kept her under control?


While we are on the topic of hair, I’m obsessed with Chelsea’s! Always. I wish I could pull it off!


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