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Etsy: It’s All In The Details

My baby shower back in June turned out to be a big “to-do.” First my mom was going to handle everything, but then was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She was scheduled for surgery the month before, so we had to figure out a plan B. Enter my hubby and bestie!

I knew I wanted some level of involvement, so Steve kept me in the loop. Almost daily he would say, “Natascha emailed me things from Etsy again.” As my eyes grew wide with excitement, he would get puzzled. He doesn’t understand why girls love Etsy so much. Here’s my take – the uniqueness of the hand-made items add a personal touch, and I also like the thought of having something not many people have.  It’s all in the details, as they say, and Etsy is king of the details! Here are a few of my favorite Etsy details from the shower:

baby shower cake

This ballerina cake-topper was my FAVORITE! I was so excited when they showed it to me, and couldn’t wait to see it on the cake! Apparently whoever made the cake thought the cake-topper was bigger given how “Welcome Tiny Dancer” (HOW FITTING?!) is written, but it still looks beautiful!

baby shower chair decoration

Guys, this is so cute! I’m not really into the big gaudy chair, but Steve and Tasch wanted my chair to stand out ever so slightly. The pink and gold went with my color scheme, and the cut-out shape is perfectly detailed!

Baby shower photobooth

So this was the most unexpected thing they did – a photobooth! Who doesn’t love a photobooth?! Since there seemed to be an underlying theme of ballerinas, they included the phrasing, “tutu cute” on the back-drop, and got adorable little props!  Steve set up our camera and we all had a blast!


Valentine’s Day Nails

It’s no secret that I’m a DIY nail art junkie. Lately I’ve been turning to Etsy to help satisfy my addiction with nail stickers.  The latest batch comes from the Cover It In Vinyl shop where I purchased Valentine’s Day nail stickers in the shapes of filled hearts, hollow hearts, keys, love, and xoxo letters. The shop provided options of colors to purchase them in, and I opted for white since I was planning a red and hot pink nail scheme.  Best part? For a total of 60 (good quality, I might add) stickers, it costs a minimal $4.00! Stock up, kids!

Here’s my final outcome:

valentine's day nail art


Check out some more Valentine’s Day DIY nail art for some inspiration:

Polka-Heart-Nail-Art Screen-Shot-2014-01-28-at-3.07.59-PM


















Morning, Laurie.

My New Obsession: Ear Pins + Crawlers

I’m really diggin’ the minimalist look lately. From the thin rings and tiny earrings, especially when those tiny earrings crawl up and down an ear.  I did a search on these and found they are called ear crawlers or ear pins. Once there was a name to my love, I went on an Etsy exploration!

Most of the pins I like are from other countries, which I’ve learned the hard way not to order from. I just don’t have the patience! Here are some of my faves:

lunai jewelry | Triangle Ear Pin

triangle ear pin lunaijewelry






















Silver Cedar Jewelry | Twig Ear Sweep

twigsweep silvercedarjewelry













JewelleryK | Love Ear Pin

lovepin JewelleryK












I ended up ordering gold wire bar ear pins from tree munchkins to wear in my fourth hole, to crawl all the way up my ear, and was surprised to come home to this last night:


I was a little confused at first why I ordered a wire, but I pulled it out of the packaging super-fast to try on, and I just love it!














Brooch, Smooch

I adore a good brooch.

This concept of a brooch is a bit new for me. It began a few years ago, when my aunt gave me one of my grandmother’s opal brooches. She knows that I love opals because they are my birthstone and figured I would get the most use out of it than anyone else in the family.

I was kind of puzzled. I was super excited to get it, but I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. Being in my mid-twenties at the time, and at a job where jeans were the norm, I didn’t think I would ever really have the chance wear it.

When blazers started making a comeback, and when I was brave enough to buy one that didn’t make me feel old or butch, it dawned on me that I could pin it on the lapel.

Since then, there has been no turning back. I’ve been wearing that opal brooch on every lapel that ever touched me. I never felt the need to get a new one, since the one I have has such sentimental value to it. But, a few months ago, November 8th to be exact, I did find a beautiful Eiffel Tower brooch on Etsy. The Eiffel Tower is another thing that holds a special place in my heart as it is where my husband proposed to me. I didn’t think twice, I bought it.

Although I love it, I couldn’t bring myself to wear it right away. I couldn’t imagine replacing grandma’s pin. This past week was the first time I wore it. It was a nice change, and it added a pop of color to my gray and black ensemble, which made it easier to wear. I’m looking forward to adding it into my rotation.

*Grandma’s opal brooch

*My new brooch, Romantic Bird / Eiffel Tower / Rose Brooch from minnadiy on Etsy

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