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Let’s Get HappiSnappi!

One of the many fun parts of being a mommy to a little girl is dressing her up!  In addition to the frills and tutus, there are headbands. Mommies, you know what I’m talking about – the headbands with the big flowers. There’s a part of me that finds them a little obnoxious, and then there’s a part of me that loves them!  A brand that allows for you to flex your creative muscles, and keep the obnoxious to a minimum is HappiSnappi!

With a simple snap, young girls can choose from a wide variety of snap-on/off floral embellishments that easily attach to the brand’s headbands, knit hats, necklaces, hair clips, and more. Every item has the same snaps, so you can mix and match embellishments with every piece, making the fashion possibilities endless.



The brand isn’t just mix and match – it gives back! The company, created by child therapist Karlee Ohm and her nine-year-old daughter Peyton, donates one hat to a children’s hospital for every hat purchased. Additionally, the mommy/daughter duo teamed up with Sadie Keller, a brave and courageous 9-year-old who is fighting leukemia. In an effort to find a cure by bringing attention to the issue and donating proceeds to her cause, HappiSnappi will donate 50% of online sales to the Sadie Keller Foundation for the remainder of the year.

With the holidays just around the corner, this is a great gift for that special little girl in your life, with the added bonus of having proceeds go to charity. Prices range from $3.50 to $22.50.


iPops! Customize Your Fitbits and Apple Watches

Apple Watches and FitBits allow for you to express your fashion sense in very limited ways – color and choosing the face of your Apple Watch. While that is fine for most of us, I know there are some people out there who would prefer to express themselves one step further. iPops allows for you to do just that!

iPops was founded by Lucy Simones – a wife and mother of three – who was interested in making her watch a little more custom to herself. While she loved her watch, she realized she was wearing less and less of her other wrist accessories like charm bracelets, and thought of iPops as a way to bring together the best of both worlds!

 iPops is currently hosting a Kickstarter campaign to continue to fund the charms. Head over there now to donate as it ends today!
The charms are $7 each, and also come in various packs that start at $12.99.
I have an ice cream cone charm that I slipped into my purple FitBit, which fits like a glove! I’ve worn it to many yoga and spin classes, and lived to tell about it.  iPops is definitely a fun product that can give your watch and FitBit that extra flair!

My New Obsession: Ear Pins + Crawlers

I’m really diggin’ the minimalist look lately. From the thin rings and tiny earrings, especially when those tiny earrings crawl up and down an ear.  I did a search on these and found they are called ear crawlers or ear pins. Once there was a name to my love, I went on an Etsy exploration!

Most of the pins I like are from other countries, which I’ve learned the hard way not to order from. I just don’t have the patience! Here are some of my faves:

lunai jewelry | Triangle Ear Pin

triangle ear pin lunaijewelry






















Silver Cedar Jewelry | Twig Ear Sweep

twigsweep silvercedarjewelry













JewelleryK | Love Ear Pin

lovepin JewelleryK












I ended up ordering gold wire bar ear pins from tree munchkins to wear in my fourth hole, to crawl all the way up my ear, and was surprised to come home to this last night:


I was a little confused at first why I ordered a wire, but I pulled it out of the packaging super-fast to try on, and I just love it!














Let’s Go Tigers!

Is that even a team? I’m not actually sure and it doesn’t matter since I’m talking about jewelry!

The other morning just after I woke up, I rolled over and starting my morning routine of checking Facebook before getting out of bed and saw this post from Bergdorf Goodman:


Yes, I follow Bergdorf’s on Facebook and no, I don’t own anything from there. My Louboutin’s were from Barney’s!

That pic caught my eye for many reasons, of course, but I gravitated right for that clutch because of the animal handle. It’s fabulous, and I love a good wild animal accessory!

When did this trend get so popular? Years ago I bought my self a giraffe bracelet, then not longer after a jewel encrusted serpent ring, then last year got myself lion brass knuckles at my favorite local vintage shop. That has to be way longer than a five year trend. I think I’m going to deem the wild animal trend as timeless!


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Princesses: Long Island’s Chanel to Design Headpieces

Remember Princesses: Long Island, that show on Bravo that aired over the summer that followed a group of grown Jewish, self proclaimed daddy’s girls who still live under their parents’ roofs in Long Island, on the hunt for a “nice Jewish boy” and pissed off every one in their paths? I know it sounds like almost every other reality TV show out there, just interchange the religion and location, but as a Jewish girl from Long Island I think it this show sticks out like a sore thumb.

Before you start jumping to conclusions, I moved out of my parents house a year after college graduation, I’m married, and fancy myself a successful career-woman, and to pigeon-hole Jewish girls from Long Island in this light did not sit well with me.

I digress. One of the princesses, Chanel Omari, recently spoke with Wetpaint about the current status of her life, and mentioned that she’s currently developing a, “headpiece accessory line,” that will feature some of the unique styles she wore on the show.

Did she not see herself on TV? Those headpieces were not flattering, unique yes, flattering, not at all. The head pieces also look as if they rest at an awkward place on your head. Hope they come with a stapler!


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